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How performance during pandemic learning will affect Hall students' grades
02012018 LETTER

Lack of participation or poor performance during the School-from-Home portion of the school year will not negatively impact student grading for Hall County students, according to an announcement released Tuesday evening by Hall County Schools. 

The announcement said School-from-Home performance in many cases could positively affect student grades,

Hall County high school student promotion will still be determined by requisite earned credits, but all seniors who have not met graduation requirements will have the period between May 8 and May 22 to earn the required credits without dealing with any new assignments.

Elementary and middle school students will be promoted to the next grade level, “unless unique circumstances existed prior to School-from-Home,” though some promoted students may require remediation during the 2020-2021 school year. 

May 7 will be the last day of new assignments for all Hall County students, with the May 8 to May 22 time period working as a remediation period for students behind on work. May 27 will be the last day of school for all 190-day employees. 

In terms of grading, middle and high school students will receive numerical grades. But for semester and yearlong classes, the fourth nine weeks grade will be either equal to or higher than the third nine weeks final average, ensuring School-from-Home performance does not have a negative impact on grades. There will also be no spring final exams or end-of-course exams for high school students, so the 20% EOC portion of grades will be coded as exempt for these classes. For middle schoolers in nine-week classes taking place during the fourth nine weeks, the lowest possible final grade will be a 70. 

Elementary school students will receive either a Pass or Retention Consideration for all classes, both for the fourth nine weeks and the final average.

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