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How community members can make donations to Hall students in need through new app
03082018 CELLOPHNE

The Hall County School System believes that kids shouldn’t have to worry about things like a pair of shoes falling apart in addition to focusing on classes.

To help meet the needs of students, Hall has partnered with the free app, Purposity. This tool, which began being used in Hall schools on Friday, Nov. 15, allows people to make donations. 

Once people download the app, they can sign up and follow Hall County Schools. Carol Pitts, lead social worker at Hall, said the district’s counselors and social workers will identify the needs of students and share them on the app. 

For example, a high schooler might require a pair of boots to work at their after-school job. People on the app will be able to see the request for boots and click on it. The link will take them to,

where they can make the purchase. 

The item is then shipped directly to the student’s school. Money doesn’t touch anyone’s hands.

“School social workers work with counselors and we know these families and kids, and what they could really use,” Pitts said. “Little things like this can make a huge difference for kids. We want them to be in school and succeed.”

Hall needs at least 400 followers on the app to begin posting items students need. 

Pitts said she was first exposed to the app during a school social worker conference. Blake Canterbury, the app’s founder and CEO, gave a talk about Purposity and its mission. 

“His drive was to connect people with the people who know the needs in their community,” Pitts said. “We were definitely interested.”

Hall has many kids who are very gifted and talented in certain areas who don’t have the resources to expand on those skills, Pitts said. 

She has encountered artistic students that have no art supplies; athletic kids who might not be able to join a sports team because don’t have money to purchase cleats; and teenagers who struggle with anxiety who don’t have a means of coping. 

“We have a lot of students that don’t even have a mattress,”Pitts said. “We get them an air mattress because that’s better than nothing. Everybody helps in different ways, and this (Purposity) is another way to help.”

She encourages those in the community to follow Hall County Schools on Purposity to help the district reach its 400-person goal.

“I get excited when we can get people on fire about helping kids,” Pitts said. “If we can help them stay in school, graduate from high school and have a productive life, that’s what we want to do. You’d be amazed how a small something can make a huge difference.”