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Hall County School District to receive $2 million in federal funding to assist in mental health awareness

The Hall County School District will be receiving $2 million over the next five years from a federal grant geared toward improving mental health awareness in schools. 

The grant, titled Project Aware, is being provided to the school district for use in increasing awareness of mental health issues among school-aged children, providing training to school personnel in detecting and responding to mental health issues and connecting school-aged children with mental or behavioral health issues to the needed services. The school district will receive the funding in yearly installments of $400,000 for the next five years. 

The Bibb and Houston County school districts are the other Georgia districts receiving funding from the grant. 

“We have known for a long time that students are more than just academic beings,” said Hall County director of student services Tamara Etterling in a statement. “We have a bigger task than simply educating kids. With this grant, we can do more for the whole child and help them to reach their full potential.”

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