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Gainesville's school year won't end early, but will be altered
Gainesville School Board Office

Gainesville City School System students, parents and faculty now have a bit more clarity on how the remainder of the school year will go.

In a statement released on Monday afternoon by Gainesville City Schools superintendent Jeremy Williams, the system laid out a plan for how assignments and grades will be handled as the year draws to a close.

All school assignments will be completed and submitted by May 1 for students to receive credit. The remaining days of the school year following May 1 will focus on the individual needs of students, including offering recovery and remediation, as well as sorting out missing assignments from earlier in the year. School will still run through the scheduled last day of class on May 20.

Seniors will be notified of their graduation status no later than May 12. The school system is still weighing all available options regarding a graduation ceremony, but final plans will be announced no later than April 24.

All report cards will be mailed by “the beginning of June.” Kindergarten through eighth grade students will receive grades of either “Pass” or “Fail” for each course completed, except for middle school students enrolled in high school classes. All participants in high school courses will receive numeric grades for each high school class completed. 

Gainesville City Schools are also not expecting to host summer school classes this summer, “although some instruction may be provided for small groups of students in an online format.”

The school system is still working out the best option for students to reclaim personal items left in school buildings, as well as to return school-owned devices distributed to students without the proper access to requisite technology for online learning. 

Gainesville City Schools will provide more information on these issues no later than April 24.

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