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Lockdown lifted at East Hall schools following rumors of threat
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A lockdown was lifted Wednesday afternoon at East Hall middle and high schools following an investigation into a rumored threat on social media.

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office investigated, and the lockdown was lifted before 2 p.m. Oct. 3.

Hall County Schools spokesman Gordon Higgins said someone reported they overheard students talking about a threat at an East Hall school at a bus stop Wednesday morning. The school was not specified in the rumor, which quickly spread among students through texting and social media, Higgins said.

Additional Hall County Sheriff’s Office patrol officers and investigators arrived at the school “to follow up on potential leads,” Higgins wrote in an email.

“Sheriff’s investigators found no evidence of a credible threat to substantiate earlier rumors,” Lt. Scott Ware said.

The exact nature of the threat was not clear, Higgins said early in the day, but students had heard “something was going to happen.”

Higgins said the student who allegedly contributed to spreading the rumor had been determined not to be a threat.