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Early problems reported on Election Day
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Poll manager Jim Crawford and assistant poll manager Sherrye Bentley place signs around the voting area as they prepare polls for voting at the Gainesville V precinct. Crawford and Bentley have been working together at the polls for the past six years. - photo by Erin O. Smith

Hall County turnout by the numbers


Advance voting: 12,542

Absentee ballots: 1,678


Advance voting: 10,900

Absentee ballots: 2,389

Election Day: 30,400

Turnout: 56.04 percent

Election Day troubles are mounting early in Hall County and across the state of Georgia.

Reports of problems with voting machines at a polling precinct in Chestnut Mountain have prompted Hall County Elections Director Charlotte Sosebee to issue a reminder to voters to double-check their ballot.

One local voter contacted The Times this morning about his experience with an electronic voting machine at the Chestnut Mountain Presbyterian Church.

“… The machine I used at our precinct changed two of my votes and had other problems scrolling through the ballot,” resident Ryan Smith wrote in an email. “Pretty sure there was another machine next to me having the same issue.”

Sosebee said she was aware of the problem.

“As a safeguard, the voter is given the opportunity before hitting ‘cast’ to review the ballot,” she said.

That appears to be how Smith caught the problem.

“The only reason I caught the changed votes was during the review process,” he said.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s “My Voter Page” crashed early this morning and voters across Georgia were unable to access information about where to cast their ballots.

Kemp tweeted a phone number, 404-656-2871, for the state elections division about 8:30 a.m., asking people to call if they needed assistance finding their polling place.

The website appears to now be operating without any glitches.

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