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DOT crews set to finish work on Cleveland square
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A Georgia Department of Transportation signal crew is set to start Monday finishing up a Cleveland square project that was suspended for several months after underground storage tanks were found.

The crew first will pour a foundation at U.S. 129 North and Ga. 115 East. The concrete then must have time to cure, which could take between two and four weeks, said Teri Pope, DOT spokeswoman.

The last phase of work, which will take about two weeks, weather permitting, will involve the workers setting decorative mast arms and then installing new traffic signals and doing other electrical work.

Lane closings are expected during the rest of the work, Pope said.

The state was in the middle of upgrades to the square in October when workers, digging to pour concrete footings at U.S. 129 and Ga. 115 for the last of three mast arms, struck the two tanks.

The state stopped the project and plugged the holes with steel plates, later learning that a Pure gas station occupied the lot near the tanks in the early 1960s.

Cleveland workers removed the tanks in February.

The project is part of an overall effort to improve traffic flow and pedestrian access on the square.

Georgia DOT crews also have expanded the turning radius from 5 to 75 feet from Ga. 115 East to U.S. 129 South. DOT crews also are building three crosswalks and installing pedestrian signals to allow protected walking access across U.S. 129 and Ga. 115.

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