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Dog bites hospitalize Jackson EMC meter reader
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A Jackson EMC contract employee was hospitalized after he was bitten by four dogs while working Tuesday, suffering severe injuries.

The meter reader, called an independent field service representative by Jackson EMC, has had reconstructive surgery on his left arm due to the injuries, said Bonnie Jones, a company spokeswoman.

Jones said while the victim’s left arm was the most damaged, he was "bitten all over."

"All the animals involved have been impounded," said Mike Ledford, supervisor of animal control.

The four pets will be in quarantine for 10 days, Ledford said. He declined to give any additional information about the incident. Neither Hall County Animal Control nor Jackson EMC would release the name of the victim, citing that the investigation is still ongoing.

Jones said this attack demonstrates why Jackson EMC emphasizes that all customers keep their animals penned when a service representative is at their home.

"The severity of the attack is unusual. But dog bites are very common," Jones said. "There’s a danger that (the representative will) be injured."

Jones said Jackson EMC was sorry to hear about the attack.

"He is very well-liked and very well-respected," she said. "Everyone over there knows him."

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