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Do you know who owned this prosthetic leg? Hall County investigators want to talk to you
09192018 brfLEG.jpg
Hall County Sheriff's Office investigators hope someone will come forward with information about this prosthetic leg - which was recovered along with other stolen items - that will lead them to the thief or thieves.

There’s a mystery afoot about a mysterious foot.

Hall County authorities recovered a stolen boat with multiple items onboard, including a prosthetic leg with a striking skull drawing. The thefts are believed to have happened near Lake Lanier over the summer.

The manufacturer of the prosthetic informed the Hall County Sheriff’s Office that its owner is dead, but the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act does not allow them to disclose the owner’s identity.

“Because of the distinct image of a skull on the leg, investigators anticipate someone will recognize it and have information about its owner. Those details could be instrumental in helping detectives learn where the leg and other items, all believed to be stolen, came from,” according to the sheriff’s office on Facebook.

It will also help decide the charges for suspects.

Anyone with information is asked to call the investigator at 678-617-4628.