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Deputy testifies in rape and assault case
Robert Lee Brookshire.jpg
Robert Lee Brookshire

A Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputy on Friday detailed the injuries she saw on a woman at Northeast Georgia Medical Center who was the victim of an alleged rape and aggravated assault.

Robert Lee Brookshire, 44, appeared Friday, Jan. 25 in Magistrate Court regarding those charges and misdemeanor battery. The aggravated assault and misdemeanor battery charges were considered under the Family Violence Act.

Deputy Collette Sprague testified about meeting the woman at the hospital earlier this month, noting the deep marks along her neck, a black eye, scratches on her elbows and “bruises from where it looked like somebody had grabbed her.”

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Derreck Booth said the incident took place between Jan. 7 and Jan. 9. Brookshire was arrested on Jan. 10 and charged with aggravated assault and misdemeanor battery.

Booth said Brookshire was accused of “choking her with his hands and hitting her with a closed fist” as well as throwing the woman to the ground.

Sprague said she then went to the residence to get the woman’s full statement.

“She said that he was upset because they had gotten into an argument over the house not being clean,” Sprague said.

Detailing the woman’s account of the incident, Sprague said Brookshire allegedly “cornered her in a room and grabbed her by the throat.”

The woman disclosed the details of the alleged rape to the deputy. Investigators obtained the rape warrant Jan. 11.

A sexual assault nurse examiner procedure was performed at the hospital.

The judge sent the case on to Superior Court.