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Defendant flips table at probation hearing
No charges added as a result of incident
0408court-eddie gilmer
Eddie E. Gilmer

Court service deputies were forced to physically control a defendant Thursday who reacted to a judge's order by overturning the defense table.

The incident happened during a probation hearing at the Hall County Courthouse.

A handcuffed Eddie E. Gilmer, 33, listened to Superior Court Judge C. Andrew Fuller order his return to prison for another two years.

Gilmer then stood up and pushed over the table in front of him, deputies said.

"The incident was over within seconds and order was restored in the courtroom immediately," said Col. Jeff Strickland, spokesman for the Hall County Sheriff's Office.

No one was injured.

Gilmer was arrested in February for driving without a license, Strickland said, and was wanted on a probation warrant.

He pleaded guilty in April 2008 to violating the sex offender registry law and received a 10-year sentence, with four of those to be served in prison, according to court records.

The Georgia Department of Corrections website lists Gilmer, who received credit for his jail time during the court process, as being released from prison at the end of October last year.

Gilmer was to be on probation the remainder of his sentence, according to court documents.

Defense attorney Jason R. Carnell had filed a motion Tuesday asking the court to postpone Gilmer's hearing this week.

No charges were added as a result of the court incident, Strickland said.

The Department of Corrections site listed Gilmer's original charge leading to his registry as statutory rape and the location of his conviction as Henry County.