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Dateline NBC to air special tonight on Hall Valentines Day murder-for-hire
Show to focus on wife's plot to kill husband
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How to watch

What: “Dateline NBC”
When: 10 tonight
Where: NBC

Watch a preview of tonight's show on Dateline's Facebook page

“Dateline NBC” will delve into the Hall County Valentine’s Day 2010 murder-for-hire that led to three murder convictions.

The program, airing at 10 tonight on NBC, discusses the high-profile murder of Richard Schoeck. Schoeck was shot to death at Belton Bridge Park on Feb. 14, 2010.

“It’s just terribly sad on a human level for all the families involved,” said producer Esther Zucker. “Just so many lives were affected, and it’s just such a sad, sad story. Richard — from the way everybody has described him — was just this beloved man with so many different interests.”

The focus of the hourly show is on Stacey Schoeck, whom Hall County Sheriff’s Office investigators discovered having created a plot to murder her husband. Lynitra McKale Ross, Stacey Schoeck’s co-worker, Reginald Coleman and Stacey Schoeck were all convicted in 2012 and face life prison sentences without parole.

“The lead investigator in the case will basically walk us through the case from the time he showed up at the crime scene until the time he arrested all three people who are now in prison for Richard’s murder,” Zucker said.

The investigator, Sgt. Dan Franklin, were interviewed along with friends and family of Richard Schoeck. The Hall County District Attorney’s Office and the Hall County Sheriff’s Office also cooperated with “Dateline NBC.”

Zucker said she and her team were unable to interview Schoeck, Ross or Coleman because of a Georgia Department of Corrections policy.

Ross appealed her murder conviction to the Supreme Court of Georgia, challenging the cellphone records obtained linking her to Stacey Schoeck and Coleman.

Investigators obtained “tower-dump” records from the phone company which give information on call locations and times. Authorities found the records revealed a call between Coleman and Ross near the Belton Bridge Park cell tower around the time of the murder.

The Georgia Supreme Court voted unanimously against the appeal.

“Ross did not own the ‘tower dump’ records, and the records were not used to show the location from which Ross received Coleman’s call when they were in contact with each other around the time of the murder,” the opinion states. “Thus, at least as to Ross, the ‘tower dump’ cellphone records at issue here are no different than telephone billing records, which are business records owned by the telephone company, not the defendant.”

The filming for the show wrapped up on March 23 in various locations around Gainesville, Zucker said.

“Richard’s niece and nephew had some poignant moments … Everybody just had such fond, fond memories of Richard,” she said.