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Housing Authority, Rotary Club paint bowls for food bank fundraiser
The Gainesville Housing Authority and the Rotary Club of Hall County helped paint decorative bowls for a Georgia Mountain Food Bank fundraiser to be held this September at First Baptist Church at 751 Green St. in Gainesville.

In partnership with the Gainesville Housing Authority, the Rotary Club of Hall County visited the Georgia Mountain Food Bank on Tuesday to paint decorative bowls that will be kiln-fired and exchanged for donation at the 2016 empty bowl fundraiser to feed the North Georgia area hungry.

The event will be held in September at First Baptist Church at 751 Green St. in Gainesville. This project is one of the Georgia Mountain Food Bank’s most popular projects. The food bank’s mission is to address hunger, health and quality of life by serving those in need throughout the entire North Georgia region.

Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Hall County annually contribute to the food bank’s fundraiser by offering beautifully decorated, hand-painted bowls to be exchanged for funds in the event. Other bowls are collected from some of Georgia’s most well-known personalities and those who are very talented, but not yet famous.

Partners with the Gainesville Housing Authority also provided youth whose groups were representatives of the Harrison Square Apartments, Atlanta Street Apartments and Melrose Apartments to assist in the bowl-painting project. These young people are indicative of the emerging leaders within public housing. They were selected for their outstanding influence among their peers. Each actively takes part in mentoring others in the community, by volunteering and promoting peace and education.