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Commissioners hear recommendations for employee benefit changes
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Hall County employees could see some changes to their health and retirement benefits if the Board of Commissioners approves the recommendations of its Human Resources director.

HR Director Bill Moats presented several updates at Tuesday’s work session to the current benefit plan for employees for fiscal year 2014, but didn’t recommend an increase in premiums to employees. The proposals do recommend premium hikes for the county’s Medicare Advantage plan and its stop-loss coverage.

Retirement benefits may also see some changes, including amending the years of service rule for retirement from 10 years of service to the “Rule of 75” where age plus 10 years of service get a retired worker medical coverage. Twenty-five years of service also guarantee retiree medical coverage.

Moats also advised moving workers compensation insurance from the Association County Commissioners of Georgia to Travelers Insurance.

The commissioners are set to approve changes at Thursday evening’s meeting.

The benefits department is also supporting a proposal that would charge those who smoke tobacco an extra fee of $30 to $80 per month. The county also intends to add $50 more in family surcharges if a family member smokes, said Moats.

Moats also recommended a 60-day disbursement window before the money in a 401a retirement program can be accessed. Moats said some employees have terminated, gotten the money out of their retirement funds and then were rehired by the county.

The comissioners meet at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Hall County Government Center, 2875 Brown Bridge Road, Gainesville.

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