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Commissioners approve Lake Lanier Islands Parkway road name change
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The commission unanimously approved adopting the Association County Commissioners of Georgia’s code of ethics draft. The final code will be reviewed and updated by a citizen ethics committee at a future date.

The commissioners voted to install Douglas Aiken, Tommy Sandoval and Scott Gibbs onto the newly created committee, which will be open to the public and subject to open records laws.

The Quiet Place in the Woods Neighborhood Association asked the commission for help establishing an emergency exit in their neighborhood.

Jack Capies told the commissioners that on Jan. 15, a train broke down on the tracks in front of the only entrance to the neighborhood, blocking access for more than two hours.

“What would happen if an ambulance could not get into the neighborhood?” Capies said. “Eventually if nothing’s done, there’s going to be a fatality.”

Commissioner Steve Gailey said Hall County Public Works will assess the best way to add an exit as soon as possible.

“It affects people in that whole area,” Gailey said. “It is a problem. I would hate to know that someone passed away or a house burned for lack of not being able to get in there.”

Commissioner Bobby Banks postponed appointing a new member to the board of tax assessors. He said he would like more time to talk to additional candidates who have contacted him with interest in the position. Banks has the authority to appoint a replacement for long-time assessor Terrell Gaines, who will leave his post in March for health reasons.

The Hall County Board of Commissioners on Thursday approved changing the name of Holiday and Friendship roads to Lanier Islands Parkway.

“This probably should have been done 15 years ago when they built the new road,” Commissioner Bobby Banks said.
Nobody was at the meeting to speak in opposition to the name change.

Stacey Dickson, president of the Lake Lanier Convention and Visitors Bureau, spoke in favor of changing the name of “a very confusing” road.

There are three different road signs after the Interstate 985 exit that name the road as Friendship Road, Ga. 347 and Holiday Road.

“We support first and foremost, at the convenience of the visitor, that renaming the road to point to its most desirable attraction is a sensible and logical choice,” Dickson said.

Grier Todd, CEO of Lake Lanier Islands, said he thinks changing the name of the road will help the many other businesses on the route.

“Getting more traffic on that road helps all parties involved,” Todd said. “We deal every day with the confusion of trying to get our guests on the islands.”

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