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Collins to lead Walkers Georgia campaign
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U.S. Rep. Doug Collins, R-Gainesville, has been tapped as the Georgia state chairman for the presidential campaign of Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

“I am honored to welcome Congressman Collins, a principled conservative and devoted public servant, to our growing team,” Walker said in a statement. “We believe Georgia’s March primary will prove to be a critical contest on the path to the Republican nomination, and we intend to campaign hard in the state.”

“Gov. Walker represents the best of America,” Collins said in a statement. “He is a man who lives the values of faith and hard work that make this country great. I look forward to Gov. Walker continuing at a national level the legacy of success he has established in Wisconsin to protect pro-family, religious values, eliminate burdensome regulations, lower taxes, cut spending, and reduce the size of government.”

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