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College bowl raises funds for Food Bank
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Here are a few things we heard this week that we thought you might find interesting.

College rivalries may have helped raise funds for the Georgia Mountain Food Bank earlier this week.

The banquet hall at the First Baptist Church on Green Street in Gainesville was packed for the annual Empty Bowl luncheon, with $25 tickets representing 125 meals for those who otherwise don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Those who attend get to take home a small bowl painted by someone in the community.

But a few bowls at the event were not free for the taking.

Bowls with UGA and Georgia Tech themes were auctioned for thousands of dollars. They weren’t painted by famous artists; the presidents of those universities lent their painting skills instead.

Local businessman and Regent Philip Wilheit acted as auctioneer for the live bidding event, pitting fans against one another.

The Georgia Tech bowl garnered the highest price of the first two college-themed options.

College rivalries weren’t the only material for hiking the prices for charity. Wilheit also prodded the Methodists in the crowd at the Baptist church to bid higher for a bowl painted by the Rev. Terry Walton of the Gainesville First United Methodist Church.

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