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Cold snap to hit this weekend
Temps to begin dropping today
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After mild temperatures warmed up the Thanksgiving holiday, forecasters expect temperatures in North Georgia to plummet over the weekend.

“We’ve got a cold front that’s coming through with no moisture associated with it,” said Alex Gibbs, a forecaster for the National Weather Service in Peachtree City. “The less moisture we have, the less able we are to keep those warm temperatures. Dry air from the front allows the temperature to drop really quickly.”

High temperatures reached the upper 60s Friday but should stay near 50 today and mid-50s Sunday, dropping into the low 30s overnight.

Gibbs explained there is also a mass of polar air behind the cold front that will result in a light freeze in the Gainesville area tonight into Sunday morning.

And although temperatures will be dropping, Gainesville will experience some of the warmer temperatures compared to the rest of the region.

“We’re definitely going to see temperatures below freezing, for sure. There will be a good nine to 10 hours of below freezing temperatures Saturday into Sunday,” he said. “But Gainesville looks like it’ll be one of the warmer areas.”

While many other areas of Georgia will experience a hard freeze this weekend, Gibbs said Gainesville residents won’t have to worry as much about problems associated with a hard freeze.

“With a light freeze, most things shouldn’t be affected,” he said. “For the most part, the ground should still be way above freezing.”

During the light freeze, Gibbs advised that pets be brought inside and for any live plants to be covered with a sheet.

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