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City implements changes to trash pickup
Monthly fee for Gainesville will increase by $7 to $32.10
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Gainesville trash pickup changes

  • Monthly fees will go up $7 to $32.10.
  • Each pickup is limited to 96 gallons.
  • Trash must be in securely tied bags and in cans.
  • Cans must be 10 feet from the house, visible from the driveway or at the curb.
  • Cans may not be underground or in enclosures such as fences or garages.
  • Trash should be ready for pickup at 7 a.m. on collection day.

Gainesville's trash pickup changes start today, and officials want to help the transition run smoothly.

The main changes are in volume and location of trash. Residents must limit trash to 96 gallons per pickup, though they can continue to use their own garbage cans - one container of 96, two containers of 48 or three containers of 33.

"About 90 percent of people won't experience a significant change, quite frankly," said David Dockery, public works director. "We urge everybody to check the new guidelines for proper placement of trash so they can better understand that this is simply a way to better provide solid waste services and be more efficient."

Garbage should be in securely tied plastic bags, and all garbage must be in cans, according to the new ordinance. The can must be placed 10 feet from the house, visible from the driveway, or at the curb. It also must be placed in an area where solid waste employees can access the can without entering enclosures such as fences and garages, and containers must be ready for collection no later than 7 a.m. on collection day. Monthly fees will increase by $7 to $32.10.

During the first few weeks in January, workers will help residents understand the new rules.

"We realize that a substantial part of the population may not know about the changes or understand the flyers we've put out, so we'll be more lenient and try to explain what doesn't fall within the new guidelines," Dockery said.

"Eventually, this will become a code enforcement issue, but our intention is not to make this a compliance problem."

Solid waste employees will also be lenient about larger amounts of trash as the holiday season ends.

"We've had a busy week picking up all the Christmas boxes and wrapping paper, and a few Christmas trees are being put out," Dockery said. "It's just busier around the holiday time with more people at home."

Dockery encouraged residents to participate in Keep Georgia Beautiful's Bring One for the Chipper tree program by discarding Christmas trees and receiving a sapling at Hall County Resource Recovery on Chestnut Street.

Collection of curbside refuse, such as leaves and yard remnants, will continue once a week, as well as the weekly recycling collection. Special service fees apply to pickup of large items such as furniture. Pickup beyond the 96 gallons will cost residents an additional $25 per month, and Dockery hopes it'll encourage them to recycle.

The city will take on the recycling program that is currently outsourced, and officials are applying for a grant that will fund larger 32- to 35-gallon containers, doubling the current size given to residents.

"The change in recycling shouldn't impact the residents. It will just be a different face picking it up," Dockery said. "We've ordered new containers, but they haven't come in yet. As soon as we have them, we'll make it known that they're available by request."