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Census: We're getting older, more diverse; nearly 1 in 10 Georgians is Hispanic
06202016 CENSUS 1

While the nation continues to grow older, it is also becoming more diverse.

The U.S. Census Bureau revealed in its July 1, 2018 report that the Hispanic population in the U.S. grew by 2% — 1,164,289 people — between 2017 and 2018.  

Among counties with 20,000 or more people, Liberty County, Texas had the fastest growing Hispanic population, increasing by 11.4% from 2017-2018

In Georgia, those of Hispanic origin accounted for nearly one in every 10 people during 2018. The census reported that this group encompasses 9.6% of Georgia’s population of 10,519,475.

A more diverse nation

For 2018, 23.6% of the nation’s 3,142 counties had an African American population between 1,000 and 4,999.

Non-Hispanic African Americans accounted for 32.29% of Georgia’s 2018 population. This is the second highest racial demographic in the state, just below white non-Hispanic people at 60.8%.

The white population remained the nation’s largest group with 78.9%.

Out of counties with 20,000 people or more in 2017 and 2018, Forsyth County grew the fastest in Asian population, increasing by 3,734 people, or 11.5%.

For 2018 in Georgia, the solely Asian demographic was 4.2%.

As a whole, the U.S. has gotten older, with 38.2 years as its median age in 2018, which jumped from 2010’s 37.2 years.

"The nation is aging — more than four out of every five counties were older in 2018 than in 2010,” Luke Rogers, the chief of the population estimates branch at the Census Bureau said in a press release. “This aging is driven in large part by baby boomers crossing over the 65-year-old mark. Now, half of the U.S. population is over the age of 38.2.”

The 2018 median age for Georgia is 36.9 years old, a 1.6 year increase from 2010’s 35.3 median age.

Around 24% of Georgia’s 2018 population includes those under 18 years, and 12.5% for people 65 years and over.

The Census Bureau’s estimates reported that females take up 51% of Georgia’s population.

From 2010-2018, females have kept a steady lead over the male population, maintaining 51% each year. The U.S. population estimate remains 50/50 for females and males.

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