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New Zaxby’s on the way in Gainesville. Here’s where
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A new Zaxby’s restaurant off Thompson Bridge Road in Gainesville could open by March 2021, owner/operator Greg McElroy said Wednesday, Nov. 11. 

The restaurant will be off Enota Avenue NW, across from Burger King and in the same location as a Long John Silver’s that was destroyed by fire in 2012. The property has sat vacant since the fire. 

The development was mentioned at the Gainesville Planning and Appeals Board meeting Tuesday, Nov. 10, during a discussion of a proposed gas station that would be next door. 

The Zaxby’s and the gas station – or whatever ends up getting built there – will have a shared entrance on Thompson Bridge Road, said Matt Tate, Gainesville’s deputy director of community and economic development. 

But customers also will be able to access Zaxby’s from Enota Avenue, Tate said. 

Zaxby’s used to have a restaurant in the area at 995 Riverside Drive. The restaurant closed after a Zaxby’s opened in 2019 at 1977 Textile Way, off Jesse Jewell Parkway. 

“I’ve been inundated with calls about putting another one back over there,” McElroy said. 

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