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More than 40 businesses sign on to 'No Mask, No Service'
Provided by Norma Hernandez. Dozens of businesses have signed on to "No Mask, No Service" in Gainesville.

More than 40 businesses across Gainesville have signed on to the “No Mask, No Service” initiative being pushed by the Gainesville Against COVID-19 task force.

The task force created posters reading “No Mascara! No Servicio!” and “No Face Mask! No Service!” The posters also include the phone number for the Department of Public Health.

Norma Hernandez, the task force leader and president of the Northeast Georgia Latino Chamber of Commerce, said they have also given out more than 7,000 masks as part of this effort against coronavirus. She said Tuesday, May 19, she was working on procuring more masks.

“I had like 10 people already to come pick up their masks and posters, and now we don’t have it. … There’s no point to just do the poster and not give them the masks,” Hernandez said.

Members of the task force are still working on getting an updated number on how many people were tested in the first big event Friday, May 15, at La Flor de Jalisco. The preliminary number was more than 800 tests, and the results have started coming back for the tested.

Hernandez said the word of her initiative has spread as far as Buford, with a couple of people seeking out the posters on the “No Mask, No Service” initiative.

Teressa Glazer, owner of Next to New resale boutique, closed the shop for eight weeks. May 13 was the first day back since St. Patrick’s Day. 

Hernandez said Glazer came to pick up posters Tuesday, May 19. 

“Most of my customers are wearing masks. When I reopened, I made it clear that I wanted everybody to wear a mask. But the people who do come in without one, I just meet them at the door and offer them a mask,” Glazer said.

Only one person didn’t want the mask, Glazer said.

Since reopening, Glazer said she has reduced hours and put a hold on buying items.

“We’re not doing any buying right now, because I haven’t quite figured out how to do it. If I bring things in, I’m going to have to quarantine them for a period of time. There’s just a lot to figure out,” she said.