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'It’s been a challenge, but it’s been good.' Scott Glover reflects on dairy business as he receives Farmer of the Year award
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Glo-Crest Dairy owner Scott Glover was named the Farmer of the Year by the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce and Hall County Farm Bureau. In addition to his dairy farm, Glover owns the popular Mountain Fresh Creamery in Clermont. - photo by Scott Rogers

Running a Clermont dairy farm of about 300 acres and a popular roadside attraction that pushes his product requires hard work.

But the efforts of fourth-generation dairy farmer Scott Glover paid off Wednesday, April 28, when he was honored as 2021 Farmer of the Year by the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce and Hall County Farm Bureau.

“It was a pleasant surprise,” said Glover, who owns Glo-Crest Dairy and Mountain Fresh Creamery with wife Jennifer.

The Glovers started the dairy in 2000, then started bottling milk in 2011. Some 200 cows are milked twice a day at the couple’s farm off Bowen Bridge Road, with most of the milk — about 1,500 gallons per day — going to a cooperative that contracts with Publix grocery stores.

About a third of the milk goes to the Glovers’ Mountain Fresh Creamery about 2 miles away off Cleveland Highway/U.S. 129. Glo-Crest products, from milk to ice cream, are sold in a store at the site.

A key attraction is the silo, where people can walk up to a window and buy ice cream cones. Lines form on a warm, sunny day, especially on weekends.

“We need a bigger area for folks when they come in to get ice cream,” Glover said.

He believes the creamery was a life saver.

“If we hadn’t done the creamery, we wouldn’t be in the dairy business anymore,” Glover said.

Dairy farms, especially smaller ones like the Glovers’, have struggled in recent years as the demand for cow milk has dropped, facing competition from alternative milks products, such as almond- and oat-based milk.

He joked about his family’s dairy history.

“I wish they’d had been doctors and lawyers and stuff, instead of dairy farmers,” Glover said with a laugh.

Kidding aside, “it’s been fun,” he said. “It’s been a challenge, but it’s been good. It’s the only thing I’ve ever known. Just to still be in business today is pretty good.”

2021 Agribusiness Awards

Awards presented Wednesday, April 28, in an annual ceremony presented by the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce and the Hall County Farm Bureau

  • Farmer of the Year: Scott Glover
  • Agriculture Hall of Fame: Phil Hulsey
  • Outstanding Agribusiness: Cargill Inc.
  • Friend of Agriculture: Hall County Schools