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Company to donate virus-killing disinfectant to businesses

A Dawsonville-based chemical company is doing its part to keep the community safe and clean. 

BioCide Labs, whose product BioCide 100 is EPA registered as an effective chemical against coronavirus, has pledged to donate 1,200 gallons of virus-killing disinfectant to local businesses over the next three months. 

“We’re looking to donate some chemicals to some folks that are in need that are having trouble getting disinfectants and it’s vital to them,” said company vice president Cley Dorfman. “I guess it’s just really who’s in need of it in a way of who is open right now and who is really in need to be using it on a daily basis.”

Identifying who needs the chemicals the most has been the biggest problem, and Dorfman said BioCide Labs is still actively seeking potential recipients who are having trouble finding disinfectant in local stores. 

The idea for the donations came to the BioCide Labs team when its members started noticing a glaring lack of cleaning supplies on store shelves. 

“I’ve been to the Krogers, the Wal-Marts, everything,” Dorfman said. “Nobody has any disinfectants that are effective against coronavirus. The shelves are empty.”

BioCide Labs has seen a recent spike in business, and has supplied disinfecting chemicals to buyers all over the country, from California to New York and even to the U.S. military. 

Now, the company is hoping to help out other local businesses that have been less fortunate.

“Unfortunately, our business is booming right now,” Dorfman said. “It’s because of the coronavirus. Everybody that works here right now is very fortunate we are still working. We’re very fortunate that we are doing well because of it, so we want to give back to the community.”

Companies can inquire about the disinfectant by calling the number on Biocide's website.