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Amanda's Farm to Fork in Lula has temporarily closed for dining. Here's what's next for the restaurant
12172021 AMANDA.jpg
Amanda's Farm to Fork restaurant in Lula has closed its doors to dine-in customers — a decision that, according to owner Amanda Browning, is only temporary. - The Times file photo

A culinary staple of downtown Lula has temporarily closed its doors.

While Amanda’s Farm to Fork paused its dine-in services earlier this month, the restaurant is still filling delivery and catering orders from its Main Street storefront, where it has welcomed guests since 2018 and intends to resume doing so in the new year.

“For this little bit of time, until we can figure things out, we are going to close,” said Amanda Browning, the restaurant’s owner. “I don’t ever say that it’s permanent, because it’s not. I think that especially in today’s times you always have to re-evaluate everything, you need to make changes and come out new. So that is kind of what we’re doing.”

Browning cited the “insane” food costs currently plaguing the industry as one of the factors behind the restaurant’s closure. In January, the restaurant was paying $40 per case of chicken; today, it’s shelling out $109 per case.

“With the restaurant, you don’t know if you’re going to have a hundred (customers) come in today, or you may hear crickets and not see anybody all day,” Browning said. “With the cost of goods right now, that’s one of the things we’re trying to re-evaluate; maybe we need to change our entire menu, maybe we need to do things differently to be able to navigate.”

Browning said she’s eyeing a revival of themed Friday night dinners like the restaurant has hosted in the past, but nothing is set in stone yet.

On the catering side, by contrast, business is booming; Browning has a full schedule through 2022, with several jobs for 2023 already on the books.

Devotees of the restaurant’s monthly cooking classes, fret not; Browning said those events “will continue no matter what.”

Lunch and dinner delivery services will also be available. To sign up, North Georgians can visit the restaurant’s Facebook page, email or call 770-540-1035.

“I want people to know we’re not going anywhere, we’ll still be here,” Browning said. “We love where we’re at and we love Lula.”