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Building to help Cleveland with overcrowding
Council makes move to purchase vacant Talon manufacturing site
The city of Cleveland is buying the vacant Talon manufacturing building located on Campbell Street for the town’s new city hall and to house the police and fire departments along with other facilities.

Cleveland City Council decided last Monday to purchase the vacant Talon manufacturing building on Campbell Street in Cleveland to help ease the city's overcrowded facilities.

The city will close on the property by the end of the month. The city plans to renovate the former zipper plant into a much needed new city hall, fire department and police department.

"If you've ever been in our city hall, you'd see it's very crowded," City Council member Bradley Greene said. "There's no place to put anything."

The city's current office is shared by several departments, including the police and fire departments and city hall. There is so little room in the current building the city has had to lease another building to hold public meetings in.

"We kind of had to find something you could really grow in and offer something to the community," Cleveland City Clerk Connie Trackas said.

The city of Cleveland was approached by the seller of the Talon building and after months of discussions, agreed on a price of $480,000 for the property.

"For the building and acreage we couldn't beat that price," Trackas said.

The city is thinking about the many possible uses for the nearly 11-acre property. It intends to renovate the space into an office for city hall, a new fire and police department, a meeting room and a community room. The property surrounding the building will possibly become a city park, nature trail or festival area.

"We're a long way from that. We're in the beginning phases," Green said.

The Talon building has been vacant since 1999 when the plant ceased operations.

The building has been neglected over the years and is in need of repair, particularly in the front.

Trackas said they are sure some areas of the abandoned building will have to come down but the basic foundation and frame will likely stay as it is.

"We're up to the challenge. Everyone is excited. This will be really good for the community," Trackas said.

Greene said there are warehouses in the back of the building that are in decent condition. The warehouse buildings could become the new fire department.

Trackas said the Talon building is "the perfect place to expand."

The city is thinking about the project in terms of stages and long-term visions. Trackas said they will have to work on the project as funding allows.

"We just really think this is a positive note," Trackas said.