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Buford has always been a Vikings superfan
Keith “Buford” Smith has been an East Hall High School fan for 30 years. - photo by Tom Reed
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If you go to an East Hall High School football game and ask for Keith Smith, you may get a questionable look.

But once you ask for "Buford," you are bound to get a smile.

Fifty-year-old Keith Smith, fondly known as "Buford," is East Hall High School’s superfan.

Smith, who has been attending East Hall football games for 30 years, can always be found hanging out with the Vikings on Friday night.

Smith said he enjoys being able to see the kids grow up.

"I like to hang out with the kids," Smith said. "They are real special in my life."

Smith said that his favorite part about watching the games is the band. He will dance to the music and sometimes even dance along with the cheerleaders.

Smith, who has been watching football all of his life, is always happy and excited when the Vikings win. Though that hasn’t yet happened this season, Smith said he believes the players are doing a good job this year and working hard.

"They give 100 percent," Smith said.

Joseph Dix, the basketball coach at East Hall High, has known Smith for 14 years. Dix said that Smith supports all of East Hall’s athletics including softball, baseball, football and basketball.

Dix thinks that a basketball game was what originally made Smith a part of the East Hall family.

"Legend has it that 16 or 17 years ago he was in the stands and came down and started handing out water," Dix said. "That’s how he got started because there was no one handing out water."

After that night, Smith kept coming back.

Dix said that all of the football players know and love "Buford."

"He is part of the fabric of East Hall," Dix said. "If you wanted to define East Hall athletics in general, that’s one of the first people you think of."

Dix said that his life is better because he knows Smith.

"He’s been a huge part of my life," Dix said. "He’s funny, and he really makes you laugh."

Dix doesn’t think Smith will stop coming to football games anytime soon.

"I’ll be gone, and Buford will still be here," Dix said with a laugh.

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