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Bird researcher alarms UNG campus with unusual attire
A mockingbird scans its surroundings while perched on a tree limb. Janice Crook-Hill, a faculty member and ornithologist at University of North Georgia-Dahlonega’s campus, alarmed passersby with her research garb. She donned a Ronald Reagan mask while observing the birds in the bushes near Owen Hall on campus, as part of study into whether mockingbirds recognize human faces. - photo by NCTC Image Library
To University of North Georgia students at the Dahlonega campus, fear not: Someone in a Ronald Reagan mask lurking in the bushes is simply a professor doing research about birds. A call came into campus police at 10:36 a.m. Monday regarding a suspicious man wearing a mask, a Hawaiian shirt and khaki pants in the bushes near Owen Hall. A camera, according to the report, was strapped to his chest.