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Woman accused of jumping out window to evade fraud arrest
Miranda Grace Dorsey
Miranda Grace Dorsey

A Gainesville woman allegedly used another man’s bank card 29 times to purchase items worth roughly $1,500 total and then jumped out a window to evade arrest, according to authorities.

Investigators obtained warrants Jan. 9 for Miranda Grace Dorsey, 35, who allegedly used the card between October and December. The victim reported the charges on Dec. 19 to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.

“While deputies were serving the warrant, Dorsey jumped out of a window of the residence and attempted to run after being given commands to stop. She was apprehended as she rounded a corner of the house,” Sheriff’s Office spokesman Derreck Booth wrote in a news release.

Deputies also allegedly found three grams of methamphetamine in Dorsey’s possession.

In addition to 29 counts of financial transaction card fraud, Dorsey was charged with obstruction of an officer and felony possession of methamphetamine.

She is still being held at the Hall County Jail on an $8,570 bond.

The case is still under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office.

Dorsey’s attorney did not return a request for comment Monday, Jan. 13.