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Viral Waffle House Tik Tok video led to threats ‘to destroy the business’, police say
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Employees at a Gainesville Waffle House where workers were accused of discussing “nooses” in front of a biracial family reported to police earlier this month that people have threatened to destroy the business. 

“Unknown people repeatedly called the business threatening to destroy the business,” Gainesville Police Cpl. Jessica Van wrote in an email.

Van did not have further information on the number of calls or the specifics in these alleged threats, classifying it as “multiple phone calls making vague threats.”

Van said it was related to a previous report at the Pentee Drive Waffle House, where a biracial family walked in to eat. Angelica Tabor-Fells claimed she was threatened Nov. 7 at the restaurant.

In Tabor-Fells’ viral Tik Tok video, the Gainesville woman is with her 6-month-old adopted son, her 15-year-old step-daughter and 53-year-old sister. Tabor-Fells says in the video that a waitress, in front of her family, asked for a noose and the manager of the store said he had two nooses in his car. Waffle House employees do not speak to Tabor-Fells in the video.

Waffle House previously told The Times it was investigating the incident and took the allegations seriously, though the company has not responded to further requests from The Times.

Tabor-Fells released a prior statement where she said she did not condone verbal or physical threats while wishing the process to “remain civil.”

Tabor-Fells’ attorney, Kristy Davies, said they have not received any further information from police or Waffle House regarding the incident, as she has been seeking the surveillance footage from the restaurant.

“When she posted the video, comments like that were being made, and her statement was directly aimed at discouraging people from that sort of behavior,” Davies said.

Van said Tuesday that no charges were being pursued at this time regarding the Nov. 7 incident, though it is still under active investigation. Van had no further updates when asked Tuesday.