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U.S. Marshals arrest 2 in Puerto Rico after they say 2-year-old child was kidnapped from Oakwood day care by father
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Authorities arrested a man and his girlfriend Monday, Dec. 5, in Puerto Rico months after they allege he picked his son up from an Oakwood day care center and fled to the island.

The U.S. Marshals and other law enforcement have been looking for a 2-year-old boy who was taken by his non-custodial father, London Stephens.

The child has been turned over to a Family and Child Services social worker.

Authorities said Stephens picked up his son Sept. 28 from the Oakwood day care and did not bring him back there Oct. 3, which was the agreement with the child’s mother.

“After subsequent negotiations with Stephens to return the child were unsuccessful, the child’s mother contacted the Oakwood Police Department to report the incident,” according to the U.S. Marshals.

Hall County authorities obtained a felony kidnapping warrant Oct. 28, and the marshals determined he had fled to Puerto Rico.

The marshals’ Puerto Rico Violent Offenders Task Force discovered Stephens was in and out of homeless shelters and short-term rentals around the northern part of the island with his son and his girlfriend, Jordin Nuble-Myer.

Local police arrested Stephens Monday in Loiza, Puerto Rico in connection to a home invasion, and authorities learned Nuble-Myer was in a San Juan hotel.

When law enforcement approached her and asked her to relinquish the child, Nuble-Myer complied, and the woman was taken into custody.

The child’s mother arrived in Puerto Rico Wednesday, Dec.7.