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Suspect in Jack Hough slaying now accused of trying to throw deputy off balcony at jail
Inmate has racked up 10 additional charges since arriving, authorities say
DeMarvin Bennett

The East Point man awaiting trial for the 2019 death of Gainesville businessman Jack Hough has picked up new charges in jail, including attempts to throw a deputy off the top level of an inmate pod and grabbing the deputy’s Taser. 

DeMarvin Ladele Bennett, 25, has been in jail since being charged with murder last year. 

Gainesville police have said Bennett approached Hough at the CVS Pharmacy on Park Hill Drive in Gainesville on the evening of February 7, 2019 while Hough waited for his wife. A struggle ensued, and Hough was shot twice in the torso. 

Bennett was recently charged with attempted removal of a weapon from a public official and two counts of obstruction of an officer, all of which are felonies, according to a news release. 

Bennett’s trial in the case was delayed in March, and Sheriff’s Office spokesman Derreck Booth said the inmate has picked up 10 additional charges since being brought to the Hall County Jail. 

Booth said the most recent incident started Aug. 27 when Bennett was allowed to leave his cell to get juice. 

“When he had the drink, he refused deputies’ instructions to return to his cell and threw the juice on the ground,” Booth wrote in a news release. 

Deputies grabbed Bennett’s arms to take him back to the cell, but Bennett allegedly took a “fighting stance,” Booth said. 

He then allegedly lunged at a deputy, picking him up and turning toward the inmate pod’s railing roughly 12 feet above the concrete floor below, Booth said. 

An inmate assisting with lunch helped the deputy get Bennett on the floor, but the East Point man then tried to get the deputy’s Taser, Booth said. 

A second deputy pepper sprayed Bennett’s face for roughly three to five seconds, Booth said. 

“Bennett stopped resisting, but as the second deputy was placing handcuffs on him, he locked one of her legs between his in an attempt to immobilize her,” Booth said. 

Authorities said the second deputy punched Bennett and told him to let go, and he complied. 

He was then put in handcuffs and taken for decontamination for the pepper spray, Booth said. 

Bennett was previously charged with felony obstruction of an officer on March 18, where he allegedly took a fighting stance after being told to return to his cell and told a jail officer, “y’all are going to have to whoop my ass or tase me,” Booth said. 

There was also a charge of aggravated assault on a peace officer after allegedly spitting in an officer’s face. That was the second time he was accused of spitting in an officer’s face, though the previous charge was reckless conduct, authorities say. 

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