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Murder suspect claimed on 911 call man harassed her, threw brick through window
10252021 Sarah Voss
Sarah Voss

A Gainesville woman accused of fatally shooting a man Sunday, Oct. 24, claimed the man had harassed her for days, threw a brick through her window and had threatened to kill her, according to a 911 call obtained by The Times.

Sarah Voss, 34, was also charged with aggravated assault in the death of David Best, 42, of Lithonia.

Hall County 911 released three 911 calls of the incident that occurred around 6 a.m. Sunday at the Pine Cove Apartments. The calls include two people in the area reporting gunshots.

One man reports hearing at least eight shots from a pistol, while another man reports six or seven gunshots.

“I can’t tell where I hear them from. … It woke me up, that’s all I know,” one caller said.

A woman identified herself as Sarah Voss and told the 911 operator that she didn’t know the address because she had recently moved.

Voss also told the 911 operator that someone threw a brick through her window and that she started shooting.

“He’s been harassing me for the past two days, and I think I shot him,” Voss said.

When the operator asks if the man was trying to break into her apartment, she repeats that “he just threw a brick through my window, I asked him to leave me alone, and then he pulled out, I shot.”

It is unclear if the man ever tried to enter her apartment.

Voss said on the 911 call that she had asked the man, who she said went by “P” or another nickname, to leave her alone. Voss said on the call that she shot five or six times but didn’t know how many shots hit.

“The car’s in front,” Voss said. “I don’t see him.”

Voss also said the man was “blowing my phone up.”

“He came out, came beating on my window and beating on my other window. He said he was going to kill me,” Voss said.

Voss told the operator she had unloaded her gun and put it on the dresser. When officers arrived on scene, the operator told her to speak with the officers.

Defense attorney Brett Willis declined to comment when reached for comment Thursday, Oct. 28.