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Man gets 10 years on probation for obscene contact with child
Sidney Wayne Phillips.jpg
Sidney Wayne Phillips

A Blue Ridge man has been given 10 years on probation and ordered to change his work schedule to avoid any minors, according to court documents.

Sidney Wayne Phillips, 26, took a plea last month under the First Offender Act on a charge of obscene internet contact with a child.

Hall County Sheriff’s Office officials said Phillips started contacting “an individual he knew to be a child” through a mobile application Nov. 9. 

“During the messaging, Phillips turned the conversation to a sexual nature and requested to move the communication to text message. During the continuing conversation, Phillips asked the individual to meet him for sexual interaction,” Hall County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Derreck Booth previously told The Times.

Phillips allegedly agreed to a meeting the next day at a Hall County business, but the Blue Ridge man never arrived, Booth said.

Superior Court Judge Andrew Fuller gave Phillips a 10-year sentence, all on probation.

Under the special conditions of the sentence, Phillips must have no contact with any children under the age of 18 and must change his work schedule “to the night shift in order for him to avoid contact” with children under 18.

He will face the sex offender special conditions of probation and is ordered to serve 36 months on private house arrest.

“We are satisfied with the resolution of the case, and we hope and expect that Mr. Phillips will be compliant with all terms of probation,” defense attorney Matt Leipold wrote in a statement.

Under the First Offender Act, Phillips will be exonerated of guilt if he fulfills all of the conditions of his probation.

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