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Man acquitted on all counts in child molestation case
Boger 'has been steadfast in saying that this did not happen and has never wavered on that'
Jeffery Dean Boger 2018
Jeffery Dean Boger

A year after a hung jury and mistrial, a man was acquitted by a jury this week on charges related to child molestation, according to court documents.

Jeffery Dean Boger was found not guilty on the charges of aggravated sexual battery, child molestation and sexual battery against a child under the age of 16.

“Mr. Boger was someone from day one when I went to go meet him (who) has been steadfast in saying that this did not happen and has never wavered on that,” said lead defense attorney Chris van Rossem, who defended Boger along with attorney Brett Willis.

Northeastern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Lee Darragh declined to comment.

Following roughly 10 hours of deliberations in April 2019, a jury was unable to return a verdict in a child molestation case. 

Van Rossem said the case was reindicted after the mistrial with the aggravated sexual battery charge, which carries a 25-year mandatory minimum sentence.

“While the case was more or the less the same this time around, the stakes were certainly higher,” van Rossem said.

The case was heard by Senior Judge Joe Bishop, and the jury deliberated for roughly four hours before returning a verdict.

The allegations involved sex acts with a girl under the age of 16 in December 2017.

“I’m personally thrilled for him. I know this has sort of been a living nightmare, to face these allegations and all the judgments that people will make just by hearing someone is charged with that,” van Rossem said.

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