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Man accused of shooting at minivan with 6 people, including children, inside

A Gainesville man was accused of shooting at a minivan with six people, including children, inside, according to authorities.

Aurelio Hernandez-Valle, 36, was charged with six counts of aggravated assault. He was booked Saturday, April 15, in to the Hall County Jail, where he remains with no bond.

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office said the incident happened around 8 p.m. April 1 on Mountaincrest Drive in Gainesville. Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman B.J. Williams said the area is often used for a neighborhood playing field for soccer games or other activities.

A minivan of six people, a mix of adults and children, were waiting for friends, Williams said.

The driver called 911 and told deputies Hernandez-Valle approached the minivan and told them to move.

“When the driver told Hernandez-Valle he would move the vehicle momentarily, the suspect became angry, walked across the street and fired a gun at the van,” Williams wrote in an email.

One shell casing was found where the van was parked, and no one in the car was injured.

Williams did not know the specifics of how many adults or children were in the van.

“The investigator did not know a motive,” Williams said. “Apparently, they didn’t know each other.”

On April 15, deputies returned to Hernandez-Valle’s home on McConnell Drive and found him “hiding in a crawl space,” Williams said.

Hernandez-Valle requested a public defender, but a specific attorney had not been assigned to him as of Wednesday.