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Jack Hough slaying suspect DeMarvin Bennett faces even more charges
DeMarvin Bennett

Weeks before his murder trial, an East Point man has been charged with three counts of misdemeanor obstruction of officers, according to court documents.

DeMarvin Ladele Bennett, 26, was charged in an April 1 accusation in State Court.

Bennett was originally charged more than two years ago in the Feb. 7, 2019, fatal shooting of Jack Hough on Park Hill Drive. He was indicted later that month on charges including malice murder.

Defense attorney Matt Leipold confirmed to The Times Tuesday, April 6, that Bennett’s murder trial is still set for April 26.

The State Court accusation alleges Bennett refused Feb. 21 to obey “lawful commands to remove items obstructing entry” to his jail cell as well as not submitting to being handcuffed, according to court documents.

Bennett was also accused of “struggling with or attempting to strike” two Hall County Sheriff’s Office officers, according to court documents.

Bennett has had multiple charges added since his original arrest, usually involving Sheriff’s Office employees.

Late last year the Sheriff’s Office alleged Bennett punched an officer in the face Nov. 30 while being escorted back to his cell.

A few months before that, Bennett was accused of attempts to throw a deputy off the top level of an inmate pod and grab a deputy’s Taser.

Bennett pleaded guilty in December on one misdemeanor obstruction case in which he was accused of refusing to follow commands to return to his cell and grabbed an officer’s legs.

The sentence was 30 days to serve plus 11 months and one day on probation, according to court documents. 

The conditions of the sentence deemed that the time had been served and allowed for the possibility of suspending probation early, according to court documents.

Defense attorney Sean Kane, who is representing Bennett on the most recent State Court accusation, declined to comment when contacted by The Times Tuesday, April 6.

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