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Gruesome details of mother's slaying emerge at son's hearing
05052022 FLORES1
Marcus Alfredo Flores, left, sits with his attorney Jake Shapiro Wednesday, May 4, in Magistrate Court. Flores was accused of killing his mother April 4 in Hall County. - photo by Nick Watson

A Hall County Sheriff’s Office investigator testified Wednesday, May 4, that a Gainesville man accused of killing his mother tried to recruit another woman to help kill the suspect’s mother in the last year, according to court testimony.

“She had called his mother to warn her, and there's a partial audio recording of that call," Investigator Richard Sinyard said.

Marcus Alfredo Flores, 33, appeared in Magistrate Court for a committal hearing on his charges including malice murder, terroristic threats and financial transaction card theft.

Authorities responded around 11:30 p.m. April 4 to the 2100 block of Chicopee Street, where Angela Shields, 63, of Gainesville, was found dead.

Sinyard said family members knocked on the door but could not get Shields to answer. The family was able to open the door and see Shields, leading to the 911 call.

Family members have told The Times that Flores blamed his mother for the things that have gone wrong in his life.

A neighbor saw Flores on Chicopee Street twice that day, Sinyard said.

The second time, the neighbor was asleep and awoke to Flores pounding on Shields’ door and saying things like, “You’re the reason this is happening to me. It’s all your fault.”

Marcus Alfredo Flores.jpg
Marcus Flores

Sinyard said Shields had deep lacerations to her head, estimating roughly three wounds there and a similar amount on her back and buttocks. Flores was accused of slicing her face, head, back and buttocks, according to the arrest warrant.

"It looked like one of the cuts had even cut across her left eye," Sinyard said, adding that the slashes had cut open parts of Shields’ clothing.

The autopsy has not been completed, Sinyard said.

After getting a search warrant for Flores' vehicle, officers found a knife with a wooden handle under the front seat. Sinyard described the weapon as a hybrid between a butcher’s knife and a machete, with a blade that had a jagged section.

Sinyard said the knife had blood, hair fibers and clothing fibers that to Sinyard’s eye matched the color of Shields’ pants.

04062022 MURDER 1.jpg
A Gainesville man is charged with killing his mother late Monday at a home at 2130 Chicopee Street in Gainesville. Marcus Alfredo Flores was taken into custody overnight and charged with felony malice murder. - photo by Scott Rogers

From his interviews, Sinyard said he has learned that Flores had become “increasingly violent toward Ms. Shields.” The woman had even purchased a handgun that was found in her pocket, Sinyard said.

Sinyard said the items missing from Shields’ purse included her car keys, house keys and two debit/credit cards. The cards have not been recovered, Sinyard said.

Sinyard said he has not talked with Flores.

The prosecution also brought Deputy James Francis to testify about alleged threats made while the deputy was transporting Flores to the jail. Francis said his interactions with Flores were recorded.

"B----, you're going to die today,” Francis said while reading Flores’ statements. “B----, you're going to die when you get off work."

Francis said Flores also made a comment that he was not insane and that he believed authorities were trying to prove that he was criminally insane.

Defense attorney Jake Shapiro argued that the evidence was thin to prove the transaction card theft charge, adding that there was no unusual card activity. The cards also weren’t found on Flores’ person or in his car.

Magistrate Court Judge Brian Heck moved the charges on to Superior Court.