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Gainesville activist charged with online terroristic threats against police
Arturo Adame mug
Arturo Adame

A Gainesville community activist was arrested Thursday, June 25, following an investigation into comments he made on social media. 

Arturo Adame, 29, was taken into custody at his place of work after investigators obtained a warrant Wednesday regarding “dissemination of information relating to terroristic acts,” according to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office. 

The Sheriff’s Office said Adame used social media “to encourage, solicit and promote terroristic acts, namely to kill police and burn this country.” 

Adame’s attorney Jennifer McCall was in the process of getting her client bonded out of the Hall County Jail around 5 p.m. Thursday. 

A Facebook fundraiser called “Free Arturo” raised more than $8,500 in a day. 

“It is interesting that people have not been arrested for threats of shooting at or driving their cars over protesters,” McCall said in a statement to The Times. “We’ve all seen the comments on social media livestreams. Some of these comments have even been reported with no arrests. We believe that Mr. Adame’s statements are not threats but that he’s been arrested because he has been a longtime activist who has been vocal about the need for police reform. It is serious concern to anyone who values the First Amendment that a man can be arrested for a retweet.” 

When asked for more information regarding the arrest, the Sheriff’s Office said the “probable cause supporting the charge and arrest is very clear and is outlined” in the information previously provided to The Times. 

“Mr. Adame was arrested because he broke the law,” Sheriff’s Office spokesman Derreck Booth wrote in an email. “While we understand the desire for details, we just can’t disseminate evidence during an open and active investigation.” 

The Times has sent follow-up questions asking if other people have been investigated and  what prompted the Adame investigation. 

The case is still under investigation.