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Friendly ride or getaway driver? Woman sentenced for role in armed robbery
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An Alto woman was sentenced to time served in a federal case for giving a ride to a man suspected in an armed robbery, according to court documents.

Terrisa Thammavongsa pleaded guilty to misprision of a felony, which is defined as knowing about a crime and not reporting it as soon as possible. She was sentenced July 28 in U.S. District Court after being in state or federal custody since May 23, 2020, according to court documents.

Thammavongsa was previously charged in an indictment with Giovanni Annucci-Romero, of Wildwood, New Jersey, who was accused of multiple robberies in Gainesville and Cleveland.

The indictment alleges Annucci-Romero, whose case is still pending, took money Jan. 23, 2020, from Meeks Grocery on Atlanta Highway, the Exxon Food Mart on Browns Bridge Road the following day and a Chevron gas station May 23, 2020, on East Kytle Street.

The government dismissed the charge concerning Thammavongsa in the indictment and filed a separate charge alleging she drove Annucci-Romero May 23 “away from the crime and did not report the crime as soon as possible to an authority.”

In a sentencing memo filed by Thammavongsa’s attorney, Annucci-Romero met Thammavongsa when the two worked together and asked her for a ride May 23.

Annucci-Romero asked Thammavongsa to drop him off at the Cleveland gas station and pick him up later, according to court documents.

“When he got inside the car, he was holding money and sweating profusely,” according to an excerpt from a pre-sentence investigation report cited by Thammavongsa’s attorney. “She noticed he was not wearing the same clothes that he had previously been wearing. The defendant knew what she had done and was trying to reach her mother’s house when she was pulled over by the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office.”

According to the sentencing memo, Thammavongsa told the officers what Annucci-Romero allegedly said about “stashing the weapons and clothes he had used and worn during the robbery.”

“Ms. Thammavongsa readily admits that when Mr. Annucci-Romero got into her vehicle, it was clear and obvious that he had just robbed the store,” according to the sentencing memo. “(The) defendant concedes that she should never have left and should not have driven her vehicle away from the Chevron.”

She will be on supervised release for one year, according to the sentencing documents.

Defense attorney Paul Kish did not return a request for comment.

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