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Food bank director completes sentence for reckless driving after DUI charges reduced
Angela Kay Blackstock

DUI charges against the executive director of the Georgia Mountain Food Bank were reduced to reckless driving. 

Angela Kay Blackstock, 57, of Gainesville, accepted those reduced charges without admitting guilt in her plea, which was accepted May 27. 

Her attorney, Graham McKinnon, said the prosecution was “absolutely justified” in their decision to reduce the charges.

Blackstock was originally charged in a State Court accusation with DUI less safe along with operating a vehicle with expired tags and failure to maintain lane.

A Georgia State Patrol trooper was driving behind Blackstock’s car around 10:32 p.m. Sept. 29 on Jesse Jewell Parkway at the Downey Boulevard intersection when he said he saw the car stray into the right lane and continue traveling along the dashed line. 

He also noticed the car had a September 2019 decal on the license plate, according to the Georgia State Patrol report. He later determined the tag was expired. McKinnon said the tag was later renewed.

The trooper administered an AlcoSensor twice, returning breath alcohol content results of 0.086 and 0.084. The legal limit is 0.08. Blackstock refused the blood test at the jail.

Blackstock agreed to attend a risk-reduction program, receive alcohol/drug evaluation through Hall County Court services and pay fines totaling $1,420.

Hall County Solicitor General Stephanie Woodard said Blackstock has completed that sentence.

McKinnon has noted in multiple statements to The Times his client’s contributions to the community.

"Kay is a good person that has done great things for this community,” McKinnon wrote in a previous statement to The Times.