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Zoogate: Missing animals from Gainesville cemetery now include dog, zebra, bear, crocodile
0830 2022 Donkey
The Hall County Sheriff's Office shared a photo on Facebook from a trail cam at Memorial Park Cemetery of a man wanted for stealing two donkey statutes.

The plot thickens - to include a whole zoo. 

In addition to two donkey statues, also missing are a dog, bear, zebra, and a crocodile/alligator from the Memorial Park Cemetery in Gainesville.

 A thief placed the donkey statues in his vehicle, according to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office said the theft happened at night likely on or around Aug. 24, at the cemetery on Memorial Park Road.

Authorities shared a photo from a trail cam on the property, adding that there is possibly a second suspect.

Memorial Park Funeral Home Operations Manager Scott Wiley said the cemetery superintendent was taking care of the grounds when he noted a bare spot on the ground.

Wiley said the funeral home’s founder, Jack Frost, purchased the statues more than 15 years ago from a friend who had a Noah’s Ark display.

“They’ve been there so long and we just know they’re there,” Wiley said. “We’ve never actually cataloged them as far as how many exactly we have, but I would say we’re thinking we had 10 (statues) taken from us.”

Due to the darkness on the video, there was no clear description of the suspect or his vehicle.

Anybody with information is asked to call the investigator at 770-533-7724 or the non-emergency dispatch number at 770-536-8812.