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Armed robbery suspect facing more charges

A Gainesville man previously charged with armed robbery now faces more charges, including entering auto and theft by deception, police said.

Gainesville Police Cpl. Jessica Van said the armed robbery allegedly happened around 2 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 2, at the Glenn Cove Apartments on Norton Drive.

Yadreka Watkins, 36, allegedly “demanded money/personal belongings from victims inside their vehicle in the parking lot,” Van said. “While in custody, he pulled his penis out and urinated in the parking lot,” Van wrote in an email.

Van did not specify how Watkins was identified as a suspect or how he was captured.

The stolen items — a necklace, camera and wallet — were recovered on the scene.

Since then, Gainesville Police have added four charges: two counts of theft by deception, party to a crime and entering auto. 

The earliest case was Oct. 24 with a victim that police said knew Watkins.

“Allegedly he took the victim’s backpack when they were at Pilgrim’s Pride and it had the victim’s vehicle key inside of it. He was the lead suspect in the entering auto based on being in possession of the entered vehicle’s key,” Cpl. Jessica Van wrote in an email.

The victim’s wallet was stolen from the car, Van said.

The first theft by deception charge came from a Dec. 22 incident, in which the victim found a tablet for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

“After purchase, the victim looked at the settings on the iPad and it was showing it belonged to someone else. (The) victim felt suspicious that it was stolen, which in fact did not belong to the suspect,” Van wrote in an email.

Investigators later identified Watkins as the suspected seller, Van said.

On Christmas, a resident at Ridgecrest Apartments on Roper Hill Road reported a TV and laptop stolen after a forced-entry burglary.

The next day, a person found a TV on Facebook Marketplace and went to the Ridgecrest Apartments to buy it from Watkins, Van said.

“This is the TV that was stolen from the burglary,” Van said.

Attorney Dan Sammons did not return a request for comment.