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78 Hall jail employees tested or quarantined for COVID-19 since April
Hall County Jail 2020

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office said 78 employees in the jail division have either been tested for COVID-19 or been quarantined in the months since April, according to data provided Friday, July 24.

Of those 78 employees, 17 tested positive and 11 are still awaiting results. There are 29 employees currently out due to sickness — which may or may not be related to COVID-19 — and 49 have returned to work.

According to recent information provided by the Sheriff’s Office, there are 181 employees in the jail division.

There have been 37 inmates tested for the virus as well, with seven testing positive. There is one COVID-19 positive inmate, who is currently in quarantine, according to authorities.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Derreck Booth said inmates who can be bonded out “in any fashion are expedited through that process.”

"We have single-cell quarantine areas in the medical section of the facility. We also have a quarantine pod on an otherwise unpopulated housing unit,” Booth wrote in an email. “Inmates are housed there for the 10-14 day quarantine period and monitored closely for symptoms.”

Hall County Jail Division employees (numbers since April 9) 

  • 78- Tested for COVID-19 or quarantined 
  • 17- Positive results for COVID-19 
  • 11- Currently awaiting results 
  • 49- Returned to work 
  • 29- Currently out due to sickness (not necessarily COVID-19) 

Hall County Jail inmates 

  • 37- Tested for COVID-19 
  • 7- Positive results for COVID-19 
  • 30-Negative results for COVID-19 
  • *Only one COVID-19-positive inmate is currently in quarantine

Booth said the COVID-19 criteria for inmates is “the same as any member of the community.”

“Once cleared by the medical staff, inmates are assigned to other housing areas,” Booth wrote in an email.

Sheriff’s Office Lt. Brian McNair, who worked in the jail division, died after a serious illness Monday, July 20. The Sheriff’s Office said he had tested positive in the preceding week, but it is still unclear if the virus was the cause of his death.

McNair’s last day at work was July 9.

Wendy McNair, his wife, called Brian a “devoted husband and loving father” in a statement provided to The Times from the Sheriff’s Office.

“He was a great American who loved his country. He always stood up for what he believed was right. He loved serving his fellow man through his military service and work at the Hall County Sheriff's Office. His passing is a great loss to his family and community,” Wendy McNair said. 

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