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Episode 2 of Back to Life: A podcast about opioid addiction
Avery Nix - photo by David Barnes
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It’s the number of Americans who died in 2016 from an opioid overdose.

To put it in perspective, that would be the city of Gainesville disappearing.

An entire Suntrust Park filled to capacity for a Braves game gone.

But the opioid crisis — which has been called a public health emergency by the president — is not just numbers. It’s people.

It’s the family that turned tragedy into activism.

It’s law enforcement tackling it on one side and recovery programs on another.

It’s a man who doctors thought would die, but who came back to life to tell his story.

To hear him tell it, growing up was avoiding conversation about the elephant in the room.

This is Back to Life, brought to you by The Times.

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Avery Nix, a North Hall High School graduate, shares how he got hooked on opioids.

Susan Blank, chief medical officer at the Atlanta Healing Center, explains the science of addiction.

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