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August mobile home blaze ruled arson
Hall resident awarded $6,000 for information on another arson case
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The Hall County Fire Marshal’s Office is asking for help in solving an arson case involving a mobile home that was destroyed by fire in August.

The fire occurred Aug. 28 at 5511 Water Wood Drive, Fire Marshal Scott Cagle said.

“The Fire Marshal’s Office and insurance investigator have ruled out other possible causes, so we feel this to be a deliberately set fire,” Cagle said. “We are encouraging anyone with information regarding this fire to call the Hall County Fire Marshal’s Office or the Georgia Arson Control Board. Any information given will be kept confidential.”

Information leading to arrest and conviction of an arsonist could be financially rewarding, Cagle said.

Last week during a ceremony, the Georgia Arson Control Board presented an anonymous Hall County resident with a $6,000 check for information provided to the Fire Marshal’s Office resulting in an arson conviction. Cagle said it was the largest check a Hall resident has received through the Georgia Arson Control Program that was started in 1979 by insurance companies. The group’s maximum award is $10,000.

Cagle said the check recipient isn’t being named to protect the person, and details of the fire are also being withheld for the same reason.

“This goes to show that doing the right thing matters and that it will be rewarded,” Cagle said. “Sometimes even with all of the evidence we collect, we still need assistance of our residents.”

Since 2008, the Fire Marshal’s Office has made 17 arrests with 16 convictions.

“With the crime of arson, it is very difficult to gather enough evidence to make an arrest, much less a conviction. We thank Hall County residents for their help in this achievement,” Cagle said.