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Attorney asks for polygraph test to be admitted in rape case
Gabriel Robles
Gabriel Robles

The attorney representing a man accused of rape wants to have a polygraph exam admitted as evidence for future hearings and trial, according to court documents.

Gabriel Robles was indicted in February on charges of kidnapping, rape, and transaction card fraud.

In the “motion to stipulate to polygraph test,” defense attorney Scott Tolbert said his client denied all of the allegations and “has asked to submit himself to a polygraph exam.

“It appears that scientific testing such as a polygraph exam would aid in ascertaining the truth,” according to Tolbert’s motion filed May 3.

Tolbert is requesting that the state administer an exam or accept the results of an exam previously administered by Von Jennings, “the leading polygraph examiner in Georgia and one of the top examiners in the United States,” according to the motion.

Jennings established Northeast Georgia Polygraph Services on McEver Road, formerly performing exams for the federal government.

The alleged crimes happened between Feb. 25-26 of 2018 at the Motel 6 on Monroe Drive, though Robles was not arrested until December.

Police said some of the time delay before an arrest came from awaiting forensics and other tests to be performed, Sgt. Kevin Holbrook said at the time of the arrest..

“Upon arrival of the (hotel), the victim was incoherent, and that’s when the suspect utilized her credit card to obtain the room. And while at the room that night, the suspect had sexual relations with the victim, who stated at the time that she was unconscious. She had no recollection of the sexual contact,” Holbrook previously told The Times.

Holbrook said the woman woke up the next morning at the motel and soon after reported it to law enforcement.

“It is believed that he took her from one location, put her in the car, drove her to the Motel 6, and that’s where the kidnapping charge comes into play. She was allegedly in no state of mind … to give authority to be taken from one location to the other and/or to consent to sexual relations,” Holbrook said.

The two were previously acquainted with one another, Holbrook said.

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