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Atmos Energy requests rate increase
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The state’s Public Service Commission will hold hearings this week on a utility hike that could affect Gainesville natural gas customers.

Late last year, Atmos Energy proposed to increase its base rates for natural gas customers to increase company revenues by $3.7 million. The revenue increase is needed to make up for what the company says is changing market conditions and rising operating costs, according to a news release from the Public Service Commission.

The utility is the only natural gas provider in Gainesville.

The change in rates, if approved, could raise customers’ bills by about $4 each month, or $48 a year.

The commission will hold the first round of hearings on the rate change from Tuesday to Thursday this week in Atlanta. It will hold two more rounds of hearings before the commission issues its final decision on March 29.

If the commission approves the rate increase, it would take effect April 1, according to the news release.

Customers who are interested can listen to the hearings online under the Audio Broadcast link. Information on the Atmos rate increase is available under Docket No. 30442.