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Atlanta Street Apartments shooter gets 15 years in prison
Antwan Earls negotiated plea deal
Antwan Earls
Antwan Earls

A Gainesville man accused of shooting at two women at the Atlanta Street apartments last year pleaded guilty to most of his charges Wednesday.

Antwan Xavier Earls, 25, took a negotiated plea deal of 30 years and is expected to serve half of that in prison.

Earls faced charges related to an Aug. 15, 2014, shooting at the Gainesville apartment complex, where Angelene Hall and Sheena Lipscomb were struck.
The Gainesville man also faced charges of aggravated assault and possession of a gun in the commission of a crime four days earlier involving Hall. Hall and Earls were in a relationship.

“The victim, Angelene Hall, has maintained that this incident did not happen,” according to court filings from Hall County Assistant District Attorney Juliet Aldridge. “(Earls) pled to other charges dealing with a later incident.”

The two charges from Aug. 11, 2014, were not prosecuted.

Gainesville Police Investigator Margaret Ashby testified at Earls’ committal hearing that Earls may have been upset over possible infidelity.

Police said they believed Earls shot three times, grazing Hall’s breast and striking Lipscomb in the shoulder.

Earls pleaded guilty to seven of nine charges that had a maximum combined sentence of 78 years, according to the sentencing packet.

The charges included aggravated assault, possession of a gun during the commission of a crime, third-degree child cruelty, criminal trespass, possession of gun by a felon and violation of a family violence order.

Earls received a 15-year prison sentence for aggravated assault with five years on probation.