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Ask The Times: When was Billy Lothridge Boulevard named?
Billy Lothridge Boulevard near Gainesville High School was named in 2005 after the football standout, nine years after his death.

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When was Billy Lothridge Boulevard named after the former Gainesville High School, Georgia Tech and NFL standout?

Lothridge had the small street near the high school named after him in 2005, nine years after his death.

Following his playing days with the Red Elephants, Lothridge was a three-year starting quarterback at Georgia Tech, where he was Heisman Trophy runner-up to Roger Staubach in 1963.

He went on to be a punter for nine seasons in the NFL, including winning a Super Bowl ring with the Miami Dolphins in 1972, his final season as a pro. He was a first-team All-NFL selection by Pro Football Writers.

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